Saw it on the radio!

Didn’t draw this by the way, its from DA GAME!


Saw Dramatical Murder today…the anime anyway. I don’t know anything about Dramalama, other than it’s full of heavy Yaoi action is that there are pretty men and…a talking dog. OF course I find out that everyone has these talking pet…computer…things. Its like the Perscoms from Chobits except they are your talking animal friend. I kept thinking the dog/Ren has that “totally this guy’s butt slave” voice. He really does! It doesn’t help that I saw him shirtless before.

I’ve been meaning to get into this franchise. According to Tumblr, Aoba has the most Uke ass ever and all the guys want to tap it. I like the character designs. I wish I had some random robot pet that turns into a hot guy when surf the internet! Or not lol! Who knows.

Anyway that’s that.

In other news. I am doing as much practice as I can on my tablet, working on some character designs. Also working on some short comics, nothing major. Then its back to Dairokkan!


Yep, I like this look a lot better


So I have Rena here. I’ve been toying with her design a bit. I wasn’t liking it and she’s a major character in Dairokkan. I adjusted her outfit and hair a bit. So now her hair is just down with a cute little fox hair thing.  I might give her the pony tail again. I dunno. Anyway, I really need to get to working on that thing. but I take character looks very serious so I need to make sure I like them if I am going to draw them all the time.


Blargatyblarg blarg


I’m still figuring out if her fox hair thing should go on one side or both sides. more on this latter.

More in the background



I’ve been working on my illustrations lately. I want to actually make it so my subject isn’t just sitting in white space. I’m trying to practice more with this to get better. Having my Tablet really is helping me out. I want to practice more so that my art will be totally cool. Its alright now, but I need it to be AWESOME!

Fix the hair!

Dat Her!!


I think I know why I felt so meh when I submitted the chapter one image for the short short story. His hair looked so bland, I just wasn’t happy with it. So I toyed with his hair and this doodle came out. He’s supposed to be bowing but it looks horrible XD I think he’s made at me.

Probably wont color this because because the pose is so bad lol. But I am happier with his hair. I really like how alive it makes him look XD I also changed his weapon of choice from a sword to a staff. He really isn’t  the sword wielding type.

o.o I want to Photoshop animal ears on him now…

Oh well, back to work! *scurry*

So so sooooo red!

I love how this came out bit I still feel it is too mediocre! Argh! Oh well. I’m in a bit of a lul right now. Not sure what to do with myself and all I could do is ended up making this. Oh well, more practice!

I do feel very much lost right now. I”m not sure what to do with myself at all. I really feel like I am pinned between two jagged rocks…