Himeko and Karakasa

Look out! He has a tongue!!!


I know Its been a while but I have been pretty much just been working. I drew this lovely doodle. And then colored it horribly. I’m going to study some color theory and application and see what I can do to improve. I’m not licking it!!


Anyway, this is Hineko and Karakasa. I created them a long time ago, rather randomly but I like them. Hineko is the lovely little lady. x3 I love her a lot. And then we Karakasa, who is named for the Yokai/japanese spirit…thingy, he’s modeled after.

Here is an early picture of them from back in the day:


I am a big fan of Japanese Lore. Like totally in love with it. I also like Chinese but Japanese is what I’ve studied most, since I’m such an anime enjoyer.

I’m not as well versed on Chinese, Korean, or any of the other asian lore but I have dabbled, a little. But I still love Japan’s.

Recollections of a Dog and a Wolf

I can't draw animals

I remember when I first had my condition. It was when I was really little. Well…condition might be too negative sounding. But for better or for worse…I turn into a canine creature of some sort. Dog? Wolf? Not sure really. From what I can understand a wolfdog is a breed of a mix between grey wolves and huskies…I think…got a little side tracked there.  But yeah, that’s what I turn into.

When it first happened, I remember waking up in a box somewhere. It was a really big box and all I could see was the sky and some trees. I was sure there were some tall buildings but the box walls prevented me from seeing. I cried out for help. Even though I was a kid of 7 years, I looked like a 2 month old puppy. It’s kind of funny, I don’t remember much before that box…

Every once in a while someone would look into the box, remark at how cute I was and how it was “unfortunate” that I was left out like that. But no one took me out of that blasted box. I wasn’t strong enough to push it over. No matter how much I yelled, no one seemed to understand me. It was frustrating. At least I had a blanket to crawl under…

One day, however, while I was trying to figure out how to get out of my cardboard prison, I saw a big black beast poke his snout into my box. He was huge! He sniffed me; I found this weird of course.

“Hey! Don’t eat me!”

His ears perked up in, what I assumed, was surprise.

“Ah, so you are one. Typical.”

My own ears flopped down. I was really confused. What did he mean by that?

“Got anywhere to go?…stupid question. Come on.”

I blinked as I found myself taken by the scruff of my neck and set out outside of the box. I was so happy I ended up running around and rolling over. The giant black wolf just looked at me like I was an idiot. Before I knew it he was already walking away.

I ran after him.

“Can I come with you?”


“Where are ya goin?”


“Where’s home?”

“Other side of town.”

This was pretty much how the conversation went. I would ask a question and he would give me a blunt answer. He’s still like that.

I didn’t make it very far before I got tired out. Being a tiny fuzzball and all.

Despite his bluntness he kindly let me ride on his back.

As we traveled, I then realized that this was not the place I had lived in the past 7 years of my life. Not that I remember that much from the other place I lived. Still though, I didn’t know where I was. I suppose I should have been more upset by this. Truth was, I was much more interested in seeing this new city.

The only thing I wonder about really was…what was written on that box I was in? I didn’t think to look and he, even now, didn’t really pay much attention. Was anything written on it at all?

Eventually we came to an old house. It was dark but I could still see pretty good. The lights were on. He let me down and walked around to the back.

The place looked half abandon; the yard was pretty unkempt with weird plants in it. I decided I would explore more of it in the day time in case there were monsters in it. Despite all this it still looked warm and inviting to me.

I caught up to him as he scratched at the door. It opened and he wandered in.

“Come on.”

I followed him and could barely hold my excitement as I entered the house. It looked super old. Even the furniture. There was all this weird stuff around and I wanted to touch everything! Before I could get my paws on anything I got nabbed by the scruff and carried away.


I pouted until I heard the very sweet sounding voice of a lady.

“Well this is very unlike you, bringing home little strays”

She gently took me from the black wolf beast and looked me right in the eyes. I’d never seen anyone like her before…

“Can’t leave one of my kind, we’re too rare as it is.”

Rare? His kind? None of that made any sense to me. I wasn’t sure why I looked like a puppy but I was still sure I was a boy.

“So you are a sweetheart! I’m very proud of you!”

She giggled and turned her attention back to me. Her eyes seemed to sparkle. I wasn’t sure what color they were…violet? Blue? Red? They seemed to change depending on the lighting and angle. Her hair was a light lavender color. She had dark skin and a pretty gracious figure if you get my meaning.

“You have a name?”


I heard the black beast snort.


Was there something wrong with my name?

“Oh stop that. You’ll give the boy a complex. You didn’t even have a proper name until I met you.”

The woman cradled me in her arms, I didn’t realize until that moment how tired I was getting. She carried me to a bedroom and sat me down on a nice soft bed. Maybe it was because I was so small but it looked like it went on forever.  I felt her hand caress my head and started to get really sleepy. I didn’t want to sleep yet. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted to explore.

“I’m Mana, you’ll change back soon, just sleep.”

I wanted to ask how she knew but I ended just slipping off into a deep, blissful sleep. I ended up dreaming about chasing pretty butteries. I couldn’t catch any though…




“The wolf! Kill it!! Kill it!”

All that can be seen in the darkness of the forest were several touches moving as many men shouted. They had bows, pitch forks and slingshots. They searched for a large black wolf that had been eating their livestock. The final straw was when a young girl was killed, the wolf must of attacked her.


The one armed man had run into the village holding the sorry bloody stump that was once his right arm. The village had had enough. Cows were one thing, humans were another.

He was of such great size it didn’t take long to find him the first time and fire many poison tipped arrows into him. The great black wolf could handle a few men…but there were so many. The arrows burned when they punctured his flesh. Stones were flung at him. They really meant to kill him!

However, this wolf was not a fool and knew if he tried to fight them he would be over taken and killed. So he burst forth and ran, arrows sticking out of him and all. He wouldn’t die…not like this…not by them.


Even when he was far enough to be out of sight, he could still hear them. And the burning spread through his body and made it very painful to move. He had to keep moving…even though she was dead now…

Everywhere hurt, but his heart hurt most.

Unable to move anymore he fell down near a clearing in the black woods. His eyelids felt heavy as he could still hear the men in the distance. But everything started to get hazy. Sounds became muted.

With the darkness closing in the last thing he felt was a soft hand touch his snout.



“Why do you keep bothering me?”

The large creature grumbled as he lazily glanced over to the young lady seating herself near him with a basket. She started to show up more and more often since she found his little sleeping spot on the edge of the lake. Humans were really an invasive bunch.

“I’m just so curious about you. Like how I can understand you…Its not every day a girl gets to speak to a giant wolf like yourself.”

“I beg to differ. You have been speaking to me almost every day.”

The girl giggled and removed her bright red hood. She was the human age of about 17, or so he guessed. Though humans tended to look the same to him, as soon as they started their mating ritual…thing.

Her blond hair seemed to reflect the sun quite nicely. Her green eyes reminded him of spring leaves…not bad as humans go.

“I can’t help it. You are just so interesting. Even if you are grumpy a lot.”

“Wouldn’t you if you had to deal with a lot of beings that liked to take way more than needed, and then get upset when something gets taken from them?”

The girl leaned against his side and glanced up at the sky. It was such a lovely day…She originally had come out to get while berries, which she had already done.

“I suppose. But eating our cattle hasn’t made it any better.”

“I don’t need to eat as often since they are so big. Be thankful for that.”

“We sell those, you know! Without out cows we can’t buy other things we need!”

“I never understood this thing you keep referring to. This “selling” and “buying” and money business just seems a like whole lot of nonsense.”

She pouted before giggling again. He was always so blunt.

“Well, that is how human society works. Wolves have no need for money I suppose.”

“Not one bit.”

The girl enjoyed the breeze for a little while before rolling over onto her side so that she could see his face. He really was a huge thing. His black fur was very soft and shiny; he was a really healthy creature.

“Are you the only one?”

“I haven’t met others, but it would be rather self-centered to think I am alone.”

“I would think that others as big as you would be easy to spot.”

The creature chuckled a bit; she could feel the rumble of his body.

“The world is much bigger than you think, little lady.”

That was how their talks went. The girl had never been outside of her village except to get berries from the woods. She had known of other places…but her new friend had actually been to many places. With every visit her admiration of him grew…as did her attraction.

“Again today?”

The black wolf didn’t even bother trying to nap when he saw the girl flop next to him.

“Can you tell me about the faraway places?”

She promptly rested against his side before discarding her hood. It was spring but still a bit chilly.

“I suppose…there are many places beyond this valley. There is a desert that has a king with a hundred mates. There is a sea that is so vast it can take months to cross. There are creatures that fly through the air that sparkle when the sun hits them. And island that floats in the sky that is said to be paradise.  All sorts of things.”

The girl’s eyes looked full of wonder at his words. For such a big beast, he always spoke so elegantly.

“Did you know there is an enchantress that lives in the black woods?”

“Really now? I have seen no such person. Maybe she uses her magic to hide.”

The girl smiled and nuzzled his fur; she was silent for a moment before asking yet another question.

“Will you travel there to more places?”

He paused for a moment, as if really giving her question some thought.


They both became quite quiet after that. It wouldn’t be long before he would be off again…when he gave it more thought; he usually didn’t stay in one place as long as he had stayed there…

He decided there was at least one thing he wanted to do before going about his way.

The next time she came to visit, the great woof was sitting, instead of lying down for once.

“Hello! You don’t seem as sleepy as usual!”

He glanced at her a moment as she got closer.

“Don’t settle down quit yet. I want to show you something. Walk with me.”

This took the girl by surprise! She never actually saw him do anything but lay around all day.

“Of course! I can’t wait!”

Being that he was so huge, she found it a bit difficult to keep up with him. Even so she was very eager to see what he wanted to show her. It was bound to be amazing. They walked until they were on the other side of lake. There was a large tree on a hill there. It was quite pretty.

They stopped and the glanced around as if to make sure no one else was around.

“Close your eyes…and turn around.”

“I won’t peek. Why do I have to turn around?”

“Do you want to see or not…”

“Fine fine.”

The girl turned on her heels and closed her eyes. What could he want to show her? Her fingers gripped her basket tightly as she waited for the surprise. She heard his steps behind her grow…lighter…and a bit strange.

What was he planning?

“Alright…you can look now…”

Such a nice surprise!

Taking a breath, she slowly opened her eyes and glanced behind her to meet a pair of mysterious dark blue eyes…

They belonged to a tall man of muscular build with skin that was paler than hers! His hair was long, so long it went past his waist that had a familiar color. And finally, the most noticeable part about the man, he was naked.

The girl, being that she had never seen a man bare below the belt, turned almost as red as her hood ended up dropping her basket while trying to cover her face.

“Goodness! You’re indecent!!”

He man couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh. Probably the first of such a laugh in a long long time.

Since she couldn’t face him unless he was covered, she gave him her hood to wrap around his waist. It was something at least.

“Could you…always do this?”

“Yes, I rarely do it though.”

She still blushed a bit as she sat next to him under the tree. She did recover some of the berries she pick but more than half lay scattered on the ground.

“Are you a wolf or are you a man?”

“I have no idea. Not that the answer would change much of anything.”

The girl wondered if this was some trick, that her wolf friend was hiding and that this was some strange man. But his way of talking, the way he seemed just so lazy greatly reminded her of her friend.

“Why did you show me?”

He was quiet as a slight breeze blew by.

“I wanted to see your reaction. I hadn’t taken this form in quite a while. I was curious.”

“You really don’t talk to people much do you?”

“Rather, people don’t talk to me.”

She forgot for a moment that only a few moments ago he was a giant would that could easily devour a cow.

“Do…you get lonely?”

“I try not to be.”

He yawned briefly and looked off to some distance.  She glanced up at him. She saw the look in his eyes. Maybe…he was very lonely…The girl wondered if he was searching for company or running from the feeling of solitude.

“If you ever feel lonely, I’ll come see you. We are friends.”



Wolf ears twitched to the sound of soft footsteps. Every movement caused pain, even breathing. Even so he managed to open one eye to see someone over him. His vision was blurry but he could smell it was a person of some sort.

“Did I wake you? I apologize. I just came to check on you.”

It was a woman, at least her voice did not sound like that of a young girl.

‘That girl…’

The image of that girl’s vacant eyes as they stared up at the sky flashed in his mind. The smell of blood was everywhere. He wanted to vomit from the  blood of another in his mouth. It made him sick.

“Now now…calm down. The poison is still in your system.”

He tried to push away the image of the corpse and the man that stood above her.

“Who…are you?”

For that matter, he wasn’t sure where he even was. He was on something soft…it smelled of hey.

Holy Mother of Milk!

“You can call me Mana. You should rest more for now. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

Soon his eyes again began to droop. He didn’t want to sleep again, but he was so tired. The wolf didn’t want to see it again…that image of the girl on the ground and the blood dripping from the axe in that man’s hand.

The woman placed a hand on his head. What was she saying? The wolf tried to open his eyes but they just seemed so heavy…so very heavy. At least his body didn’t hurt quite so much anymore.



Part 3

Dreams were always strange in that they really do always seem real when you are in them. Hector always disliked that about the bothersome things.

As he sat up from the floor, he could hear the door knob turning.

“So kind of you to watch over the puppy.”

The woman was holding a bundle of fabric, he assumed it to be clothes. The black haired man responded with a shrug before he rose from the floor.

“I just wanted to make sure he didn’t touch anything. Pups are like that.”

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes when the woman handed him a pair of jeans. He wasn’t fond of wearing clothes but it was something he had to do when he was in his more human form. The color that matched his hair shifted as he started to get dressed. The woman, Mana, set some other clothes on a chair next to the bed.

“It looks like he shifted back in his sleep. I bet he was rather anxious being stuck in a box and all.”

He put on a dark button up shirt and glanced back down at a kid that looked about 7 or so sleeping under the thick blanket on the bed. The little pup he had brought back with him only yesterday.

“At least he seems alright enough…He probably would of died out there.”

The woman walked to him, her long hair draped over her shoulder.

“I’m sure someone would of picked him up. He’s a cute little thing.”

“Humans are pretty uncaring.”

Hector turned his head away before letting out a small sigh. That was his general opinion. Nicer humans were the exception rather than the rule. Most were an uncaring selfish bunch.


Mana placed a gentle hand on Hector’s arm and gave him a kind smile. He had that look in his eyes. Even after all this time, he still hurt…

“I’m going to get something to eat.”

“That’s fine. Don’t make a mess”

She had a finger hooked around his collar to make sure he understood. This woman…

“Yes, my Lady.”

His tone was almost sarcastic. But he didn’t mean any offense.


With a shake of her head, the woman watched the wolfman leave and seated herself on the bed. He really was a snarky fellow.

Behind her, she heard a yawn come from the child under the blanket. It seems he woke up.

He sat up, with a very sleepy look on his face. His hair was a very dark purple with eyes that looked quite fascinating. They were violet with an almost bluish ting. The boy was on the paler side.


Mana giggled and turned to face the boy.



He flopped over and yawned again. It was after that point that he realized he had a hand instead of a paw.

“Hands! I have a hand! I’m not a puppy!”

The boy was so excited he had already started to shift back. At the moment his ears had shifted and his tail had popped out again.

“Now now, not so fast. We don’t need you shifting back so soon.”

The boy blinked when she touched him on the nose to distract him. It worked rather nicely and the boy’s ears went back to normal. This tail as well.

“Sorry…I dun like bein a puppy…”

“Well, nothing wrong with it really, until you get the hang of it. Here, get dressed at least.”

She handed him some clothes, into which he promptly got into. They were a bit on the large side but would do for the moment.

“Um, Miss Mana?”


“Do I live here now?”

“If you would like, that would be fine.”

The boy smiled before scampering around the bed and giving the woman a hug. He was very happy that she wasn’t going to put him back outside. Due to the size of her chest it did make it a little difficult to see the boy…


Mana had to wonder if this boy had been through some trauma that he would be happier to live with a stranger than find his own parents…

“I’m glad you’re so happy. Are you hungry?”

“A lot!!”

“Alright alright. Let’s go eat. Our friend is already down stars.”

Taking his hand, they both made their way down stairs to join Hector for their first meal together.

End for Now




After much work (drawing work) I can finally post my new short story. Took me 2 days for the drawings and one day for the story. About time I posted something! This is for the most part Origin story for Laika XD I”m still toying with ideas for story presentation but I am rather happy with this. If ya can think of anyway for me to improve (and I know you easily can lol) just let me know. I know my writing isn’t the best, and neither is my art. Just let me know what you think, if ya like. Ya don’t have to if you dun wanna. *flop*

Donuts Everywhere

Actually no. I wish though. Anyway. So I finished Recollections of a Dog and Wolf. I am just trying to figure out what kind of picture I want with each part so I’m doing some sketches. I would feel weird if my short stories didn’t have these illustrations on account of me having HORRIBLE descriptive…ability, or something.

Project updates March 2014

Currently working on a short story…ish…thing? I also will have illustrations for it as well. Now that I finally have some time off I will be using that time to write some short stories and see what else I can come up with.


Recollections of a Dog and a Wolf.

In Memory of the Blackbones.

Necessary Restoration.

And some other short stores.

Even though my writing is special, I still like it and will be posting them soon!

That’s it for now!

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