Well then

Well this week end came and went, I didn’t get to do much at all. Well I did just start a new job and it’s in the early morning.

Skirts!! Look at all those skirts!


Here is a sketch of some girls from Attack of the Shojo (another project I have) I don’t think they had names yet…maybe?

Welp, off I go.

Mini post!

Since I started my new job I haven’t had much time to draw at all, but the weekend is coming up, so maybe I can crank out a comic! Maybe

Thought of the day, is a scone a fancy biscuit or is a biscuit an unfancy scone?

Double the fun!

Oh it's on!


I have been working on this since yesterday. I blame the Dramatical Murder Anime…somehow! This be Linke and Recht (They usually go by Lin and Reh though) I have no idea which one is which as of yet. They looked different than what i had originally planned but I rather like these designs. I am fond of dark skinned characters so I pretty much plop them wherever lol!

Names: Linke and Recht
Likes: Cuties, picking on said cuties, candy(especially fruit flavored, unless its banana, Linke hates bananas), their dad
dislikes: Being scolded by said dad, being apart, (Recht hates clowns), cold weather,

The twins live in the neighboring kingdom of Glace with their father. The two of them have always been together all their lives and feel very anxious when apart. Their father is a very sweet and patient man, despite is boys pretty much being hooligans. They like to hang out with their friends Jabberwacky(Jr) and Leo.

Their father is an inventor and is a rather important guy. They meet Ginger when she is sent to their dad on business. They take a liking to her, though its not mutual for her since they are fond of messing with her ears and trying to distract her from her work. They do to pretty much anyone they find cute. This didn’t work out to well for them, then they got a visit from Ginger’s older sister, Lemon.

These are my characters from my Anotherland Project.

I just love twin characters but god they are a bitch to draw! Its not just a matter of flipping the image, you have to also make them at least a bit different. But characterwise they are fun. I prefer twins that act alike verses the opposite behavior kind. You know, the ones that like to fuck with you and switch on you just so you can feel bad for mistaking one for the other. Every series should have a pair of twins in it! Bwahahaha!

Ginger the Bunny girl!

Boing Boing


I did an updated version of Chibi Ginger from my Anotherland Project. She is pretty much the youngest of the working siblings. But she has a ton of baby bunny little brothers and sisters. As I continue this project, I am trying to see what type of story works best. I have a much easier time with lighter tones than darker ones when it comes to stories.

Ginger is pretty much as close as I get to a Harem protagonist, without being all ironic and whatever. Though in my opinion, the world of anotherland isn’t our world, and as such is a lot more fun to work in. This Project is serious alot of fanservice for me. Which, I see nothing wrong with that. I love fanservice works. Because you know the person is righting what they want.

I would not give the illusion that there is anything deep about my work XD there isn’t .

I can’t wait to show off some of the other characters, including some of Basil and Ginger’s older siblings, Lemon and Parsley. I was also working on their designs today.

Ginger is a rather Naive girl, mainly due to coming from a remote place where its just her mother and her siblings and no contact with the outside world. Usually at that point, they are solely under their King/Queen that they go to work for. In Ginger’s case, she actually lives with Basil, and his servant Marion.


The Dandy Man!

Why did I make his Junk so huge!?!?

I did a doodle of Laurence and I didn’t like how it turned out. sow I tried again. He is very fond of purple XD

Name: Laurence
Likes: Tea, purple, company, gardening, hosting get-togethers, reading,
Dislikes: rude behavior,

Laurence lives in a lovely home in the woods and loves to invite people over for tea. He loves tea and is always looking for ways to make new kinds. He has a lab dedicated to it. He’s also a very calm person and doesn’t anger easily unless someone is unnecessarily rude to others. But he is still easily surprised.

He currently lives with his best friend Herbert and Tippy. He and Herb has been best friends for the longest, though he is actually friends with many people. This list includes The King of Diamonds, Baron Von Boris, Basil (White Rabbit of Hearts) and Ginger (white Rabbit of Diamonds) and so on.

He’s also very good at keeping Herbert in check, since the guy will run off with people or something.

As a character, I really love him. He’s nice and not a dick. If he was in a dating game, He would be the nice non-stuck up noble guy. Herbert would probably be the flirty slut lol!

Drawing of the day: Laurence

taming the fro!


Meh, I don’t like it, I have to try again tomorrow. Since Laurence’s hair is so poofy I’ve decided that he is going to put it in a ponytail when he’s out. he usually leaves it out at home. He’s more of a tea junkie than a man obsessed with hats. He also has a massive collection of teacups and mugs. He, Herbert and a napping Tippy will travel from time to time to get new things for him to make tea out of.

It was on one of these tea journeys that they found Tippy, on a train.