Violet Joker

Twist Twist


So I was thinking of an outfit, and I also wanted a Joker Character for Anotherland. I know I should draw the other kings and queens but this guy came first cuz…um…violet. I had way too much fun doing his clothes and hair. I think he looks cool, even if he’s contorted in an impossible way. lol.

Name: Jacques (gets called Jack a lot of the time)
Domain: Midnight Circus
Likes: Music, Starry Nights, Popping up out of nowhere to scare the crap out of people, Inviting people to his domain, His mask collection
Dislikes: Direct sunlight (Sensitive eyes), Having to behave, Bitter tea

Random stuff: Jacques rules Midnight Circus that is not apart other Kingdoms (Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs) But is considered one of the same group as the royalty of said kingdoms. Its actually really hard to find his domain unless, you are A.) A white Rabbit with a dimension jumping watch, or B.) He “Allows” you in aka you are basically swallowed by his domain. He does have a White Rabbit himself, her name is Paprika. She is rarely seen since she gets lost easily and almost never goes to the right place. Plus Jacques usually just shows up with no warning, so having a messenger is a bit useless to him.

Day does not exist in his Domain, so it’s always night time.

Got the pattern from here: 24 Diamond Patterns

As I draw more and more comic pages and lean more about This strange setting known as Anotherland I come to see both interesting and new things about it.

Anotherland – 12

Got hit with the Ban hammer

Still experimenting with these things. Its better than the last one. I really need to work on backgrounds though. It just looks like they are standing in a large jello cube or something. I think I finally know HOw I want this thing to go. When I get to page 20 I’ll actually do a site or something for it XD If I can get to a regular schedule that would be great. I am going to try and post every Wednesday, maybe.

I need to work on the spacing too XD so much work to do but I swear I’ll get better.

Anotherland -11

He was totally about to jump her bones man.

I decided to do another comic for this thing. I know I’m completely hap hazard with this thing. I’m still experimenting sing what style I like. I don’t think I will be too good until I get a real art tablet, but I still have to make due if I want to get anywhere.

Art spam!

Wanna kiss under the mistletoe???

Merry Christmas!!!

wow, haven’t blogged in a while. I think I”m slowly getting better with my drawings XD I’ve been hard at work, working? I still have my projects and am trying to orginize them better. Anotherland seems to be one of my Stronger projects. Probably due to my extreme love  of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the looking glass. I love both stories very much and the worlds that spin off from them.

Here is a picture of Ginger, white rabbit of dimonds and Lemon, the white rabbit of spades. I still do want to make a visual novel still (yep still on that) but am still working on cleaning up my sloppy writing. I’ve found a lot of books that help. I also find that I feel really inspired at my local bookstore.

Woah! Watch the hands buddy!

I really like my Anotherland characters and thought of doing a short test VN with two Player character choices. One for Ginger and the other as Lemon. I like the idea of that. I also like the idea of making it a dating sim I’m just now sure who to use in the test. Just a short one to see if I can do it. Since drawing sprites will be a lot faster now that I can use my tablet. I’ve gotten faster at coloring too. Only usually takes me about 2 hours or so.

Dem Tits!

Some other stuff I was working on is Downfallen stars, not sure what the blasted thing is about but I rather like the sound of the title.

Where ya going pretty boy?

I’ve also tried using more backgrounds as well as light sources. (background taken from Uncle Mugen by the way, just google him. he’s a great resource)

So yeah, working on that. I want to experiment more with coloring especially.


I am also trying to make the drawing more interesting by having also some stuff for the character to interact with.

Poke mans!!

… Okay this was just me making a Gijinka of Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff and Igglybuff. No purpose here…

Just a little

Okay done XD

Why not Highschool?

Because I said so...that is one short skirt though

So you know, I don’t get the hate for high school settings. I really don’t. I personally like them. I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before but whatever. It maybe be because I like school uniforms. Or the age of the protagonists The thing is, I like high school as a starting point. In the US Highschool can last , literally, forever. So its an awkward place to start. However in most Anime, when a character starts at a younger age like Middle or Highschool they are allowed to grow up. Most will go from middle, to high, to college and such struggles are looked at if it’s not an uber fantasy setting. This is something I like. You get to have characters grow up and deal with the issues of such a thing happening.

Also high school is an easy place to put characters of different types that have to interact with each other. In my struggles as a fictionalist I often run into the issue of what my characters are doing when they have to have jobs. Plus, I really really like uniforms…a lot. Though I do admit it can be lazy. But if you ever notice, everything always gets a highschool version, either officially or a fanmade version, so its not as hated as one thinks.

Starting characters in college is pretty much the same thing, only its acceptable that they get to have guilty free not underage sex. But there is still the same drama, only its a shorter time before they have to get thrown to the shark tank that is the real world.

Of course this doesn’t apply to Uber Fantasy settings, dystopias(depending) apocalyptic and whatever, just Urban/urban fantasy settings. Personal opinion of course. Slice of life is strangely my favorite genre, though I do love magic. I think Slice of life with a pinch of fantasy is how I like my experience.

No means No woman!!!

Being an old lady, such a setting was always fun for me. And I don’t care what other say, I love school settings. I love school uniforms, I love the hilarious drama that happens there, the friendships and enemies, the teachers of doom and the just utter randomness. If I wanted real school, I would just be a creepy school janitor.

Fearing the Love

So recently I decided to go on an Anime binge because I was feeling stumped with my own creative work. I came to realize that in my on work I was trying to be “Not to cliche” and my main characters “Not too Marysueish”. But I keep running up against a wall. I keep limiting myself because of the idea of someone finding it cliche. But upon watching anime all day, I came to see that it really doesn’t matter.

I shouldn’t be afraid to have drama in my work, I shouldn’t be afraid of tropes. I was also looking at some Visual novel playthroughs and came to the same conclusion.

I also know that my social circle didn’t really help with this. Since I love Fantasy and the complete absurdness of Anime, manga and Visual novels not everyone is fond of such work.

When I just let it go and let my work get as funny, depressing and angry as I want, I get stuff I am actually interested in. So what if my Characters start in Highschool. After much consideration, Highschool is a great way to START. I will write more on why Highschool is starting setting later.

In the meantime…

That's why I love Anime, sayings like this.

Angel Again

So flowy!

I felt like drawing Angel today. I finally have a drawing I really like. Finally got her bangs right. I really need to post here more often. It is my blog after all. I’ve been tinkering with Angel’s character and I think I finally decided how its going to work.

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I think one of the reasons I don’t just start my comics/short stories/visual novels or whatever is due to my worry about dramatic story telling. I always lean towards the dramatic but I also like comedy, finding a balance is rather difficult. My short attention span doesn’t help.

Anyway, Angel is my Demon Michael’s favorite Minion. She pretty much his messenger/assistant/lover/client bait/whatever else. Her strongest skills are in that of Summoning. She isn’t strong physically and in fact, due to her parentage, she actually has little weight and is as light as maybe an orange.

How a Demon got a hold of her is pretty much a secret.

She also has her own harem (not apart of Michael’s harem) Which she was only allowed to have after Michael went insane and caused massive catastrophe. Sooooo he allowed Angel to acquire her own whoevers to protect her from kidnappings and whatnot.

Said minions don’t really know Michael at all, due to them living somewhere separate from the Mansion.

They get along surprisingly well actually. The one she’s had the longest is Saishien Daitengu, he usually goes by Shien and is a very calm and polite servant.