Why not Highschool?

Because I said so...that is one short skirt though

So you know, I don’t get the hate for high school settings. I really don’t. I personally like them. I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before but whatever. It maybe be because I like school uniforms. Or the age of the protagonists The thing is, I like high school as a starting point. In the US Highschool can last , literally, forever. So its an awkward place to start. However in most Anime, when a character starts at a younger age like Middle or Highschool they are allowed to grow up. Most will go from middle, to high, to college and such struggles are looked at if it’s not an uber fantasy setting. This is something I like. You get to have characters grow up and deal with the issues of such a thing happening.

Also high school is an easy place to put characters of different types that have to interact with each other. In my struggles as a fictionalist I often run into the issue of what my characters are doing when they have to have jobs. Plus, I really really like uniforms…a lot. Though I do admit it can be lazy. But if you ever notice, everything always gets a highschool version, either officially or a fanmade version, so its not as hated as one thinks.

Starting characters in college is pretty much the same thing, only its acceptable that they get to have guilty free not underage sex. But there is still the same drama, only its a shorter time before they have to get thrown to the shark tank that is the real world.

Of course this doesn’t apply to Uber Fantasy settings, dystopias(depending) apocalyptic and whatever, just Urban/urban fantasy settings. Personal opinion of course. Slice of life is strangely my favorite genre, though I do love magic. I think Slice of life with a pinch of fantasy is how I like my experience.

No means No woman!!!

Being an old lady, such a setting was always fun for me. And I don’t care what other say, I love school settings. I love school uniforms, I love the hilarious drama that happens there, the friendships and enemies, the teachers of doom and the just utter randomness. If I wanted real school, I would just be a creepy school janitor.

Fearing the Love

So recently I decided to go on an Anime binge because I was feeling stumped with my own creative work. I came to realize that in my on work I was trying to be “Not to cliche” and my main characters “Not too Marysueish”. But I keep running up against a wall. I keep limiting myself because of the idea of someone finding it cliche. But upon watching anime all day, I came to see that it really doesn’t matter.

I shouldn’t be afraid to have drama in my work, I shouldn’t be afraid of tropes. I was also looking at some Visual novel playthroughs and came to the same conclusion.

I also know that my social circle didn’t really help with this. Since I love Fantasy and the complete absurdness of Anime, manga and Visual novels not everyone is fond of such work.

When I just let it go and let my work get as funny, depressing and angry as I want, I get stuff I am actually interested in. So what if my Characters start in Highschool. After much consideration, Highschool is a great way to START. I will write more on why Highschool is starting setting later.

In the meantime…

That's why I love Anime, sayings like this.

Angel Again

So flowy!

I felt like drawing Angel today. I finally have a drawing I really like. Finally got her bangs right. I really need to post here more often. It is my blog after all. I’ve been tinkering with Angel’s character and I think I finally decided how its going to work.

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I think one of the reasons I don’t just start my comics/short stories/visual novels or whatever is due to my worry about dramatic story telling. I always lean towards the dramatic but I also like comedy, finding a balance is rather difficult. My short attention span doesn’t help.

Anyway, Angel is my Demon Michael’s favorite Minion. She pretty much his messenger/assistant/lover/client bait/whatever else. Her strongest skills are in that of Summoning. She isn’t strong physically and in fact, due to her parentage, she actually has little weight and is as light as maybe an orange.

How a Demon got a hold of her is pretty much a secret.

She also has her own harem (not apart of Michael’s harem) Which she was only allowed to have after Michael went insane and caused massive catastrophe. Sooooo he allowed Angel to acquire her own whoevers to protect her from kidnappings and whatnot.

Said minions don’t really know Michael at all, due to them living somewhere separate from the Mansion.

They get along surprisingly well actually. The one she’s had the longest is Saishien Daitengu, he usually goes by Shien and is a very calm and polite servant.

Finally drew something!!

Finally! I drew something!

Hope their hair doesn't tangle..

I’ve been wanting to draw a picture of Angel and Loki for a while. The two of them are very close due to being childhood friends/bed buddies. Loki is playful and loves his best friend, even if she keeps forgetting who he is. He just chugs along since this has pretty much become the norm.

Michael is also fond of molesting him on a regular basis, which Loki actually prefers since the family he was abandoned by didn’t take kindly to the fact that he was a Fae (not that he understood what any of that even meant) Though Loki really doesn’t understand Sexuality all that much, he feels that if the pieces fit, that’s the only requirement.

In regards to his time with Angel, he is one of the few she is allowed to sing around. They both have inhumanly beautiful voices that tend to affect people. And they both have really nice hair. So Hans the demon butler, who is in chair of Angel’s hair and dressing her, will usually take care of Loki’s hair at the crack of dawn. This is a bit of an irritation for the demon since Loki sleeps in a tree. Loki doesn’t really care and keeps thinking some magical thing keeps brushing his hair all the time.

As you can tell, Loki is pale as fuck! the sun just doesn’t touch him. He’s also fond of not wearing shoes outside. Angel looks like such a tiny thing XD Loki’s just way taller than her…and she is pretty short. This just looks so cute!!! This pose was hard to do too. Though I think I should of given Loki the molester face…

Since Loki lives out in the garden that is usually where they hang out. The guy just can’t stand to stay indoors for long. He’s changed a lot in personality since I made him. He’s become a lot more whimsical and silly. I think I might drop the whole fire user thing. I like the idea of him being able to make barrier’s better. He isn’t much of a fighter, but I think I prefer that better.

got the background from here: http://ghost-stock.deviantart.com/art/Rock-Garden-01-91772859

Because Over-analysis

Thinking too much about ” I know I’m a Wolf” by Young Heretics or as sometimes used in music videos “Dear Rabbit” ze link is below!


Now this song is very slow and beautiful, in my opinion. Of course I can’t help but wonder what this story is about. Some just stay in the context of an actual wolf wanting to be friends with a rabbit of all things due to loneliness. And some feel it is about a romantic relationship but it always seems a bit uncomfortable to think of. Or That the wolf is actually just manipulating the rabbit to trust it in order to eat it.

Since we don’t really get any other pov other than the “wolf” in question we are left up to speculation.

And of course, this song can be applied to people, where it is the most interesting, to me anyway.

One way of looking at the song is that is about a toxic romantic relationship. The Wolf person (can be male or female, the song never specifies a gender/sex) may be an abusive partner and s/he doesn’t want to be alone but also can’t really get what they want out of the Rabbit person. So they keep hurting them,not sure how to stop. In the song, the person might of chosen life with this rabbit, leaving their family and friends so the pressure is even greater. Could be a stalker?

Ooooor It could be a relationship between family members. Horrible right? But it could, there is really no indication of romantic feelings in this song unless you count the “chasing” part. It could be possible that the wolf is an overprotective family member, they are so busy trying to protect their rabbit that they just end up hurting them. I’ve seen this happen with over protective parents/guardians all the time. If they feel it is for the best, they will continue to hurt they one they love, just to make sure they are safe, in their opinion of course.

Ooor It could be a very very bad friendship. Everyone’s had that bad friend, they may not even mean to do bad or hurtful things but it still happens. Same as above.

Or the Wolf in question could just be a manipulative jackass man/woman that is just singing to some victim they do this stuff to on purpose.

Really though, I see it as the Wolf is sorry that it’s hurting/hurt this Rabbit but just can’t bare to let them go. Even though they, themselves, know they are dangerous to this individual. But still they say, “be brave” and “You’ll be safe with me” when really the wolf is the one who the Rabbit should be protected from.

I like this song because it’s pretty much from the point of view of the Abuser/Predator and kind of makes it uncomfortable since in media we prefer to see abusers as just evil people with no human side.

It’s a beautiful, uncomfortable song about Who knows what.

Anime Review – C : The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

My money!


“The Japanese government was rescued from the brink of financial collapse by the Sovereign Wealth Fund. For its citizens, however, life has not improved and unemployment, crime, suicide, and despair are rampant. Kimimaro, raised by his maternal aunt after the disappearance of his father and the death of his mother, is a scholarship student whose only dream is to live a stable, ordinary life. One day he meets a man who offers him a large sum of money if he will allow his “future” to be held as collateral. From then on his fate is radically altered as he’s drawn into a mysterious realm known as the Financial District, where he must compete in weekly tournaments called “deals” in order to keep his money and avoid losing his future.”


C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is in my opinion a really great anime. Even if it is super short(11 episodes), it does manage to get a lot of stuff done. Though I have to advise, watch this thing in English. It is practically unbearable in Japanese since almost half of the dialog is in Bad English and it really makes things akward when you hear someone who obviously doesn’t speak English speak it.

As for the animation, its okay, it does have a bit of bad CG and the actual animation will slip down to something horrible. But all in all Its a fun ride and really makes you paranoid about cash.

It shows the world economy in an interesting light and the affects that money or more, the value of currency can have on the lives of people and reality. ECONOMICS CAN BE FUN!

My favorite character is Masasaki. He is pretty much a cross between the Joker, Chesire cat and your local bank attendant. He is by far one of the most interesting characters in this thing.

I will be taking this tissue paper!

*Wink Wink*


As for the other characters, they are alright but aren’t really all that like with the exception of some of the Assets due to their cute behavior. Some developments I am a little disappointed with, like Kimimaro’s relationship with Msyu (poor girl) and some wasted potential here and there but over all. It’s a really nice little nugget.

That is the prettiest Oblivion Ever...

If you don’t take it too seriously and just not pay attention to the bad animation bits you will like it. I would only recommend this to a casual anime fan or someone that likes the the Joker.