It might just be what you think it is


I ended up sic today so this ended up being doodled. Basil*ze long haired boy bunny* with his twin Ginger. Despite how my comic starts out, Twins are actually pretty rare. None of the baby bunnies were born at the same time. As a result Basil has a rather strong bond with Ginger and her with him that they don’t really have with anyone else. Basil isn’t as friendly as his sister and doesn’t really care if people see him as a prick.

He wishes they didn’t have to work in two different kingdoms but alas, that was how it ended up. He does not approve of her uniform and wished she dressed in a less form fitting fashion. Ginger on the other hand doesn’t really see the problem with her clothes since she finds it rather easy to move.

Random Fact!

When they were little, Basil would snore rather loudly, when he didn’t (which did happen on occasion) Ginger would cry because she thought he was dead.


I don’t know what it is about these two, I think they are adorable! Its probably because I know how much of a jerk that Basil is when people are around. He just doesn’t like much of anyone.

And here we have the Dodo

Its my party and I can make him sexy if I wanna

You know. I’ve always liked the Dodo, he was pretty much a guy that was majorly full of himself. I always thought it was funny how the convinced everyone to run around like idiots. If there is enough time in the production, you are bound to see this guy. He is what I like to call a Second class character. You have the main ones from The wonderland and Looking Glass adventures like the Hatter, Hare (and maybe the Doormouse), Cheshire Cat, Catapillar, Twins Dee and Dum, Queen of Hearts , White Rabbit and the like. Then you get the guys that only show up if there is more than maybe 30 Minutes (usually) Such as the Dodo, Humpty Dumpty, Mock Turtle, Gryphon and Possibly┬áthe Jaberwocky.

Then there are the poor saps no one seems to remember other than Hardcore Alice Fans or though just looking for other things to fill the time. Here you get the First Mouse, Knave of hearts, The White Knight, Red and White Queen, Queen Alice, Bill the Lizard, The Duchess and pretty much anyone Else from Looking glass (Don’t even get me started on the White King, Red King with the Lion and Unicorn…)

The two stories between them have a ton of characters. Alot of them kind of get forgotten about but I like them for their appearances. I have to say though, I hate the Tim Burton version. It was just a big awkward thing. Alice really didn’t even belong in it. Why she was put in it I don’t know.

The thing about Alice is that she was pretty much crazy in her world but in Wonderland was the only Sane person (In my opinion) Even if she was possibly 6 and then 7 in the sequel. She acked more like a girl who was maybe 11 or 12 but whatever. Its always a fun read.

Allister Adventure

Yup, so cute! trioblush

I felt like drawing a character named Allister. Then I wanted to draw him with Basil and Ginger. Basil doesn’t really like Allister at all. In fact he hates just about everyone besides probably Ginger and Mama.

Ginger loves to meet people. Allister is actually quite shy and tends to act standoffish to avoid interacting with people. This is often something Ginger doesn’t notice and she’s friendly anyway.

I swear I have way too much fun drawing her.

So I finally made a cover for my Comic. Now that I’m making the thing, I’m thinking of all the ways it could go and am rather thankful that the world and characters in this thing are rather expansive so that’s good. It mainly highlights the things I like like Absurd Fantasy.

What I like about Absurdity is that you can really do whatever you want and if one can’t handle the sheer whatthefuckery then its not your problem. I love it. Even if I am completely confused most of the time.

Got my Girl Ginger here. I really do like her character design. The short fluffy hair just looks right on her after i figured it out.