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Touken Ranbu fanart dump

So I joined Amino¬†recently and it’s a lot of fun. If you like Touken ranbu, you should join, its relatively new (a few months?) just type touken ranbu in the search, we are like, the only one.

Anywah, so, I got some art requests, so these happened. I happen to like saniwaxtouken danshi very much. So, yup, any excuse to see more.


touken ranbu chibiAriLynnfinaltouken ranbu chibiariagainfinaltouken ranbu chibihimeafinaltouken ranbu chibirinkO2finaltouken ranbu chibitatsutestfinaltouken ranbu chibispringfinal

These are all the various saniwa I talk to. I really like them. Of course I had to draw my Saniwa and Jiji because I have yet to draw her with him.

touken ranbu chibiyuifinal

This came out so freaking cute! I need to draw her with some of the other guys now.

And then there’s this one. The leader of the Touken Ranbu amino suggested this after a joke that if Jiji met actual me, he would just want to play in my hair.




Yui and chibi in a cup


I still am fond of this design of Yui, my oc Saniwa for Touken ranbu, one of these days I am going to make a customer nendoroid of her. If you were wondering who was in cup, its Uguisumaru.

Boredom Project 3


This again. I was home sick today, so I decided I would finish a project that I have been wanting to complete.


Once again we start with a box. I ended up cutting this one up more than I really needed to, so I had to glue it back together.


try to figure out where everything goes pretty randomly, I usually don’t have much of a plan as I make these. I ended up deciding rather late that I wanted a door on the left side of the room.


I then decided that I wanted to make another set of doors that won’t function and will just be flat against the wall to add a bit of…well, something to the room.


I ended up gluing one of the lines down a little crooked but oh well. you can see my last project in the background.


After gluing on the handles of the doors, I decided to make the left door a working sliding door (kind of) it was actually the hardest part out of all of this!!! I had to redo it so many freaking times it was frustrating!


Before finishing the door though, id had to make the floor. I really like how these came out.


I stuck it inside my other project to make it look like there was a garden outside. I have to make another veranda so it looks a tad more natural. Came out pretty good I’d say.


And of course, I had to put my boys in there. This came out surprisingly more cute then I was expecting.

Boredom Project 2

So I finally have a day off and I couldn’t go anyway due to poor so I decided to recreate the standard background out of a cardboard box and construction paper. To be honest, this was super fun, despite using over 100 pieces of paper.


I tried to recreate this to the best of my ability.


So first attempt, making the background. Now I notice that the background is a bit too big for what I need, so when I redo it I will take that into acct.


This is the finished result. I like how it came out. I will redo it though. I was among for something like a Kabuki stage that is 3d with a 2d background.


This is actual Jiji with the game background, so yeah, its a bit off. I’ll probably try again next month.

time it took, about 10 hours.

Nendo Baking time – again

So I just got Doudanuki and remodeled my dollhouse to look a bit more Japanese. Specialcupcakery ensued.


Doudanuki: This is stupid. Why am I wearing this thing?

Tsurumaru: We’re going to bake! This is going to be fun!

Doudanuki: I don’t think this is going to end well..


Doudanuki: I don’t think this is how it works.

Tsurumaru: Bwahahahahahaha!


Tsurumaru: Oh ho! I’m being eaten!!

Doudanuki: Gaaaaah!!!! Kill it!! Kill it!!!


Tsurumaru: Tadaaaaaaa! Are you surprised?!

Doudanuki: How did you even do that!? None of this makes sense! I’m not cleaning this up! You explain this!

Shokudaikiri: Do I even want to know what happened?

Dollhouse redo

So not long ago I got a Calico Critters lodge and was using it for pictures for my Nendos. Well, I thought I would see what it would look like remodeled. Since I have a billion sheets of construction paper, this ended up happening.


This is what it looked like when I bought it. It’s okay, but for what I wanted I decided to make a few changes.


Got rid of that pole, I wasn’t using the upper floor and it was just in the way, so I got rid of it and sanded the spot on the floor. I had to cut and burn it off, it was solid plastic >.>



After removing the pole, I glued down some black construction paper to section off the kitchen area. Though now looking at it, I will make some extra tatami mats for the whole floor.


Next I glued in the white construction paper and glued on some windows that look closer to those of Japanese homes.


I cut a ton of these strips from brown paper as close to each other in size as possible.


when I get some wood, I will redo this but honestly, I like where everything is. it will look cool with the real wood.


The windows were actually the hardest part, and they are bloody crooked…


Once done, I made some tatami mats, I know they look crappy but honestly, I like them. When I have more time, I will make more so I can transform the whole room if I don’t feel like having the kitchen over there. I left the upper floor the same since I rarely use it right now, and I see it as a balcony.


It doesn’t look bad honestly, compared to before ^.^


And so it begins, tune in next time for more Nendo cooking time.


Around the paper Table


I wanted to take a full picture of all my Nendoroid touken ranbu boys. I couldn’t fit the petites in there though. I’ve got 8 so far, the 9th should be coming in which is Hotarumaru!

From left to right we have:

Ichigo, Yagen, Mikazuki, Tsurumaru, Kojitsunemaru, Shokudaikiri, Kashuu and Doudanuki. Whew!

At some point, I want to make my OC Saniwa sage Yui. They are all so cute though. I have a bunch of chibis!

As mentioned I made a paper table.


Like everything else in this house, the table is made of construction paper. It took me several hours and 4 tries. I am surprisingly proud of this.

Welp, I might as well make other furniture.

Kotobukiya Hotarumaru figure

So this guy just came in the other day! He’s so cute!

He came faster than I thought he would but I love him! He’s so short and adorable! He’s super good quality too.


He came in three “parts” him, his sword and his little stand thing. You just pop off the sword end to get it on his hand the pop it back on.



I love all the detail work and he stands good too. Min leans a bit more to the right so he looked a little off at first.


His cape is stunning ad looks so flowy!!!


And that expression is just adorable. Of course I had to get a shot of him with my other scales, and he is super short. 20160724_020134

I love him though!

I think he is a great figure and really like how he was done. 20160724_015308

at least someone is shorter than him…


Stitches, all the stitches

So while I was practicing drawing I decided to doodle this guy.


It was jut a sketch really, nothing much to be done with him. then I decided to do another doodle, because I happen to really like stitched up characters. They remind me of Frankenstein’s monster from the classic book. It was one of the few classics I didn’t HATE!! Seriously a lot of those classic stories were crap!

I think this guy might of gotten a lady’s head stapled onto his body. These are really just experiment for me because I really don’t practice enough.I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to have grey skin or not.


And finally I finished up with a weird doodle of Stitchdude with my fluffyhairedwoman

There really is nothing else for context here, just practicing poses.

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