What even is This?!

Honebami Toushirou – Furyu figure

SO I just got a new figure! Honebami! Even though he seems to hate me (my plush version of him refuses to look at me…) I managed to this figure! I can’t wait for Namazou to come out.


I honestly like him. He’s adorable and really pretty.


The detail on him is really nice. Especially all the armor, its so shiny and slick looking!

Now, comparing him to my Kojitsunemaru figure made by Max Factory (Got him directly from Good smile Company) He’s not as detailed but honestly I still am happy with him.

Even thought he isn’t as detailed, He’s still good enough for any Figure collection, so if you see him for a good price, go ahead and get him!



Oh God, what now!?

I couldn’t think of anything to draw so I decided to fleshout a weird character concept that kept popping up. I honestly just really love the hairstyle and keep finding reasons to draw it.


This has the be the most concept I’ve done for a character. It was kind of fun. I liked it. I don’t really have a name for her since all the previous names didn’t really work. I think someone put that seal on her, cuz I can’t really think of why  she would do it.


All I can think of is she kind of reminded me of Dawn from..uh..Dawn? You know, that red haired lady that’s crying green tears from that one eye. I never understood Dawn when I read it. It confused the crap out of me. Anyway, back to this lady. I dunno, I just like to draw stuff oozing out of there. And she will have my favorite combo of dark skin and pale hair if I ever color her. I really think that sexy body of hers is just a trap…


Yep, she’s a trap of some sort.I had fun drawing all the stupid faced babies. They don’t stay that size long, maybe for a few days, then they start to grow. Though the lot of gem are actually sexless (neither male or female) they can shift to one or another like their “mom” does. She just likes having boobs cuz its fun. Most of these little weirdthings are going to probably end up looking male so I can have an excuse to draw a bunch of pretty boys. Lol so shameless.

Mini-Tourabu baking time

Ichigo and Shokudaikiri wanted to bake some sweets. Special cupcakery ensues.

Won’t this be fun!
Oh! What do we have here?
All done!
Oh no! The cakes have been Pilfered!


Ichi-nii and Shoku don’t seem to be happy about it!

Aw Thank you guys! Um…what’s that back there? What do you mean don’t worry about it?!
You caused this on yourself…

Nendo Flower collection 2

I wanted to update Yagen’s flower pictures and also pose Mikazuki on here. I found that Yagen looks a lot better with pink flowers than he does with purple. And Mika looks best with blue. Oneday, I am going to get banned from the craft store.


For the Nendos #2 – Lakeside Lodge

Me again! So I’m still exploring new options for photo setups for my Nendoroids and decided to explore more play sets.

Today I’m looking at the Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge

Not much assembly required

The box was pretty huge. What I like about it, is that what you see here is all the parts. The house is more or less pre-assembled. Only the railings have to be attached. The  side bath, which actually goes on the front of the house, can be placed really where ever.

I have Kojitsunemaru for reference.

The railings are really easy to put in, but once in they are snug and don’t fall out easily. which is nice. The door latch to the bath, can be used as a little shower, no running water obviously.


The little latter, goes up to the top. It doesn’t lock in place or anything but it fits nicely.

I can see my house from here!

There also this little balcony up top. That is all.


The door works and he could technically fit through it. Now, if your nendos have the square base, not sure if that would look right.

Nap time???

This also came with little hammocks, but the bigger Nendos can’t fit in them. However, the petites can fit snuggly! Just look at Yamanbagiri! Looks like’s about to take a nap.


I’m going to be honest, this little outdoor bath is the sole reason I bought this thing. Its supposed to go on the front of the house, but due to what I would be taking pictures of, this worked better. It actually latches onto the front stairs of the house if you do want to put it up there. Also, I have the bath latch on backwards.


Now the Lodge I got, didn’t come with any furniture or anything. They do have the same set with more accessories, however you would pay more for them. If you buy the full sets, its less expensive than buying each set separately.

Because I have an obession with kitchens, I got another one. Just look at this. Its so cute! It doesn’t have a fridge, but I already had one so that wasn’t a big deal. Alas, no apron.


There is a ton of dishes  and baskets! I loved them! There is such nice detail on everything.


I found the furniture a bit better, especially the table and chair. The height is much better and looks a bit more homey.


See what I mean?


Taking everything out, I like the little vegetables. They feel a little, gummy, so they are easier to place.

Looks like Jiji found the Bath and dove right on in!


Jiji: Aww so relaxing…

Yep, He’s in there. The bath is really shallow, so to have him in there I had to remove his legs, but it makes a good shot.

And now, random stuff that happened because I got bored.


As you can see, this play set makes for some fun pictures and I had fun with it. I could tell a lot of photo stories with this set and am glad I got it.


I also stuck Mini-Kasen in there, he was eaten.


Welp, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed the pics!




Touken Ranbu Fanart – Doutanuki


I like all of the Touken Ranbu guys, so I have to make sure to alternate so I give everyone proper attention. Right now, its Doutanuki Danuki. You know I’m not sure why Nitro+ changed his name. Maybe they didn’t like all the Tanuki jokes? Who knows. Oh well.

Moving on. Tell you the truth, the main reason I started even noticing this guy is that there is a lot of Doujin with him in it. I mean, a ton! He and Mikazuki are made of NSFW

Well they are when I think about it. Anyway, I like how this came out.



Shipping News – The Tanuki

I got my shipping notice for my Doudanuki Masakuni nendoroid! What kind of shipping did you think I meant? 


He just looks so angry! I love him and can’t wait to have the others meet him. I plan on collecting all of the Touken Ranbu Nendoroids, every single one.

Doutanuki (I know they changed to Doudanuki but tanuki sounds cuter) is supper adorable because he doesn’t care if anyone sees him as pretty and is fine being “ugly” which he isn’t, but he says he is. He’s so focused on being strong he gets cut up and has a TON of scars all over.


Boy needs a hug! So he’s coming home soon, I need to go and buy a tiny cake! I don’t think I”ve drawn him either, I need to draw him at some point.

Oh Sports Anime

So I’ve been renewing my anime nerd licence and have been looking at some nice lovely Summer 2016 season anime.

One thing I stumbled upon was Cheer Danshi or Cheer boys.


It’s exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of boys learning how to be cheerleaders. It’s obviously Yaoi fangirl bait but I really like it for what it is. Oh, you can pair up the guys if you want, but I like seeing them learn how to do something none of them have really tried before and try to get other guys in to it. The character interactions are pretty natural.

It’s super cute in my opinion. Not only that, but it doesn’t do that weird thing that pretend that females just don’t exist and you only see men. Maybe other people don’t like seeing female characters, but not me. At least let them be in the background dammit!

Anyway, this is cute, so far, watched episode 2 already and am waitin for more. Character design is freaking adorable! I will probably do a full breakdown once it finishes.


For the Nendos

If your anything like me when it comes to your nendoroids, you may like to take pictures o them with cute little setups! However, one thing that can be a little bit of a drag is the Nendoroid official play-sets are expensive as beans.

Now some are decently priced on Ebay and amazon such as the Classroom set. However, being I collect mainly Touken Ranbu figures I need some traditional Japanese sets..and those are expensive as all get out!

What’s a collector to do? Especially when you’re just getting into buying Nendos?  Especially if you live in the US?


Well when it comes to Items, I find re-ment or items from your local hobby store such as  Michael’s, A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby.

Food, though, not an issue most of the time. For me, its things like rooms and furniture! That’s more what I need for my little set ups and I found and interesting combo.


I got the Pose Skeleton re-ment here for like, $20 including shipping. It didn’t take too long to get to me either. And the Calico Critters was $30 at my Local Joann’s. Though you can get the Calico Critters stuff online, its about the same when you include shipping.

But, you know what this needs? Something to show scale!

Jiji: Helloo!

And so we have Jiji to help!


Since the room was the main thing I wanted, I decided to unpack this First.


The center part actually flips over to make a little stove, but I don’t need that. I just wanted to use the all tatami floor for my set up. Mini-Jiji has decided to help out. As you can see so far, things are looking good scale wise.


The one I mainly wanted to use is this wall here since I got a kitchen. There are 4 possible wall combos on the two cardboard sheets here. You just slide it into place.


There we go! It also came with a little teapot, but I lost that in my room so I don’t know where it is. But that’s fine,I  don’t need it right now.


Now to unpack this kitchen! Pigs not included.


It comes with quite a bit of stuff here! There’s a little fridge, counter with since, stove, and Cabinet! Food is also included.


And on this side we have the carpet, place mat, washcloths, aprons and stickers for the food. There’s also an oven mit in there somewhere.

All the drawers open and work. Its really awesome considering how tiny it all is.


Yep, this happened.

Anyway. Moving on.

Now the room is super small, so not all of the furniture can fit in there. But it’s not that bad, depending on what you want to happen in your set up.

But height wise, It’s pretty good!

The food is pretty close to scale, but the table, well….no no it isn’t. And since none of my boys have a part to side down, I can’t really use the chairs the way I would like. That’s Jiji standing. Though thinking about it now, I could probably just have them standing on the chairs!


Oh look! A buddy! Since this involves a kitchen, I had to include Shokudaikiri!! Aw, look at him! He knows what’s about to happen.


Shokudaikiri: Aruji…why…

Jiji: I think you look quite fetching.

And now, a bunch of random crap that happened because I got bored.

Somehow this happened…





After all that excitement, poor Shokudaikiri had to clean everything up. I can’t help it, this is literally my favorite expression for him.


But he got it all done, Everything is all clean and in it’s place.

Thanks for visiting!

A job well done!

I honestly liked the combination of the Calico Critters kozy kitchen set and the Re-ment Pose Skeleton set. I just need some cute little stairs and I could really make this work better. So If you collect Nendo’s and want to make a scale set up for them, consider this as an alternative to the Official Nendoroid playsets unless they are re-released, then go for it!

All in all, I hoped you enjoyed the Little madness and Nendo adventure. Let me know what you think, or if there are any other small scale stuff you know of that works for them!


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