Nara is the 4th child of Myobu and Karasu. I’m starting to think Tengu features are recessive or something. So far 3 out of 4 kids have fox ears and tails­čśä Not that Karasu really cares about any of that. He loves his little fuzzy babies very much.

So I was doing kimono sketches and this ended up happening. I ended up having way too much fun making all the patterns. Yep every single pattern was done by me. Took forever.

Nara named after the Nara period in Japanese history.

She is more free spirited than her older siblings since she was born during a time when both her parents can actually be together and no one really wants to tell her about before she was born. She likes to tease Haru but won’t stand for anyone else doing it. Nara loves Dancing, music and The season of Autumn. Her favorite food is Takoyaki.

I really like her. She takes after her mother in Personality and is a little bratty.

If you want to see her parents, go here:
Haru, the elder Brother, go here:

Well then

I was sketching Haru who is the son of Myobu and Karasu



I really need wor work on expressions, but Haru is super cute. Originally he, like his parents were in a years long rp that me and a friend were running. The rp has stagnated a bit since I think I’m the only one interested in Japanese lore. Oh well. want to draw a bit more of him, though I need to actually figure out what kind of clothes he would where.


Found this fabric, which looks super cute. I like it. I have to do a bit more research. Obviously it would need to be something I can freaking draw! But still I like that pattern though.

I might just have to accept my bordering Japanophileness and just go full on and just not tell my friends and family so I won’t bore them to death. A friend of mine went to Japan a few years ago, I’m gonna ask him if I can use his pictures as reference. He saw a lot of great sites an I need some references for drawing!

I still like my setting of Dairokkan Shuffle, but I think I am going to redo some things. I want to focus on Myobu and Karasu’s family too.

They havin all the babies

Myobu(lady) and Karasu (sir)

The world I put them in, pretty much takes place after a catastrophe after a war in the , lack of a better term, Spirit world. So things kind of had to be reset. Everyone has some adjusting to do. Super fun times.



So I’ve been thinking what in the world I could use this blog for since I”m as indecisive as I don’t know what. So, I thought that maybe to get me to maybe do more artwork, to use this to post my sketches since Tumblr is nice but I don’t want to put my crappier work there. I can also put some of my research and thought works here.

So lately I was just doodling my favorite Fox lady, Myobu, Dayum Lady!!


To be honest, I like the tragic, elegant romances of the olden days such as in Medieval times or in historic Japan or china.

I want to show my admiration for it. This might also be why I like Touken Ranbu so much since its a fun game that mixes awesome History and really pretty men >.>.

I want to work harder to actually study the Folklore of Asia. Hell, I’m not doing anything else right now.

Touken Ranbu has taken over my Life

My babies!!!!

I really do love this game and franchise. It’s perfect for me for a number of reasons.

  1. Its full of the prettiest men ever. All of them are individual and have their own special designs and personalities. Hell, even those that are like twins like Hirano and Maeda look different enough that you really can’t mistake one for the other. Hilariously I didn’t think much of Hirano due to him just kind of being in the background of a majority of fanworks (like most of the Toushirou brothers) But since he was my very first sword other than my starter, he’s become a major favorite for me. He’s so adorable and has a respect for his master that makes him sound like a little butler.
  2. All of the boys have voices. This adds more to their individuality. Some like Yagen have super deep despite looking like a kid. He sounds so mature (and calls me General!) It really adds to their characters.
  3. I can finally go full otaku on something. I have found so many things I can collet for this franchise that I am having giddy fits about it. AS much as I like Free, it’s still kind of meh since there are only a hand full of boys and it is still just a sports anime so I can only get so excited about it. (Makoto is still my husband though)
  4. History. Now I am a huge history nugget, especially of Japanese history and culture. Each sword (even the adorable Dagger Bunch) are all based on real blades throughout Japan’s history. Their history actually influences their designs and personalities. This makes them Tragic as hell (poor Sayo…) but that’s what makes them so cute!
  5. They are super versatile in the shipping department. You can seriously pair these guys with anyone and it would somehow work. Personally I like to think my Saniwa sage lady is kind of like their mom­čśä That’s just how it ended up. Even the big ones that she does have a romantic attraction to, but her amount of worry kind of makes her come off as a mother. I can’t help it. I ended up picking Kashuu as my starter simply because he just wants to be loved and seemed so needy I just had to. And I do have a Nendoroid of him…
  6. The game is actually really fun. A good chunk of the game is left up to chance, which to me is fun. What guys you get, except your starter, is all chance based. Even where you go on the map during frontline missions is random.

So that’s why I like Touken Ranbu so much. I need to draw my Saniwa sometime.┬áYaaaaaaaaawn!


I’ve been working on it And I just can’t continue Anotherland. Its just not working. And sometimes you just have to know when to step back and look at what’s not working or broken and figure things out. So I did. I tried Dairokkan and I”m just not ready for that story yet. So I’ve decided to set down and start writhing some scripts using my Cafe boys.

And I’ve actually got 60 strips planned out. Which is rather intersting.┬áWell hello there Tall Cold and Tastie!

So I created Manager here. I’ll actually try to get all the strips drawn so that I can make a buffer this time. when I started I had a week buffer but that died quickly, so I am going to try again and actually make a long buffer so I can not get myself screwed up again.

Dairokkan work

why so wary? artflow_201506200144

So, I was working on Dairokkan shuffle. I came to the realization. Ryoji actually has night terrors due to the trama of his childhood. so I gave him bags under his eyes and a more worried expression. so I imagine he doesn’t sleep so much.

Well isn't he adorable?


Omg look at 'em!!!


You know, I think I have a harder time with my Setting with Mages in it then I do with Dairokkan Shuffle. As much as I like the Mages world, I think it’s just to realistic so it kind of feels restrictive. Dairokkan allows me a lot more creativity. Just a thought.