Noah’s rework



I change his hair later


So I was working on my Mage world and trying to sort out how to make the story work, one issue I ran to is a main character, this guy named Noah. I finally figured out where I think I want him to go. But I found his appearence just didn’t match.

all that heer!!!


The bottom row is closer to what I’m looking for. Something less spikey and more in his face to hide his eyes a bit.

Isn't he adorable

So this is the one I ended up choosing. I still might consider doing a visual novel.


Creative updates

I really need to come on here more. Anyway I am still kind of creatively going everywhere. I put my comic on hold since I really don’t have much time and every time I have time off I always spend it on like, one good picture. *sigh*

I also wanted to do other comics. So I’ve decided to pull back and organize things a bit more. I want to get better and gave something solid. Not to get famous or anything but when I look at other web comics put into their works I was just being lazy. I also felt the pacing was really bad.

So I’m actually trying to get everything set better.

I also started trying out a new art app called Artflow on android. I really like it! It allows me to sketch much easier.



ARt Dump!

This was done on Sketchbook pro. its okay but it’s not really that great and kind of annoying how delayed everything is.

The boobs!! They are going to get them!

and inked pieces come out like this. Again, not bad but then again I’ve been using sketchbook pro for about a year now.

I change his hair later

Now this was done on Artflow, I was even able to color the bloody thing. this wasn’t loaded into photoshop like the ones above, so it has surprisingly high resolution which was one of my issues with sketchbook. So I think I’ll be using Artflow from now on.

Kids totally suck in ther


Dem tits!


So I’ve been on a Japanese kick again. I usually bounce between this and Alice I think. Oh and The world with Magice (the one with Cafe Amelia in it)

Rather like Kitsune, if I were to think of some clan names I think I would go with:




I think the family above would belong to the Kitsunari clan. They family crest would be the Plum blossom. I think the Kitsuneji would be the Cherry blossom and the Kitsumono would be the Peach blossom. No particular reason, I just like the three houses being these particular flowers.

Since I’m a little bored I might make the other Yokai families while I’m at it.


Comic Considerations

some people look lost

Just a doodle of Michael and Angel I did a little bit ago.

So I have decided to take a break from my comic for a bit. I want to work on the story. I think I might make the chapters I’ve done so far more of a prequel? Maybe? I dunno. Anotherland isn’t going to be something I plan to make a professional thing. It’s more of a hobby. So I want to work on anotherland’s story, since it does have one.

There is another comic I want to do. Since after some thought, I don’t want to throw away all those other characters like Tristen, Surge, Mello and Leed. did some working and found a way to get them combined. I don’t know what this other comic would be called, but I’ve started a new process, instead of just drawing everything and kinda going by my pants, I am just doing summaries of each chapter. After looking at anotherland, I see the pacing is kinda crap lol