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Dem tits!


So I’ve been on a Japanese kick again. I usually bounce between this and Alice I think. Oh and The world with Magice (the one with Cafe Amelia in it)

Rather like Kitsune, if I were to think of some clan names I think I would go with:




I think the family above would belong to the Kitsunari clan. They family crest would be the Plum blossom. I think the Kitsuneji would be the Cherry blossom and the Kitsumono would be the Peach blossom. No particular reason, I just like the three houses being these particular flowers.

Since I’m a little bored I might make the other Yokai families while I’m at it.


Comic Considerations

some people look lost

Just a doodle of Michael and Angel I did a little bit ago.

So I have decided to take a break from my comic for a bit. I want to work on the story. I think I might make the chapters I’ve done so far more of a prequel? Maybe? I dunno. Anotherland isn’t going to be something I plan to make a professional thing. It’s more of a hobby. So I want to work on anotherland’s story, since it does have one.

There is another comic I want to do. Since after some thought, I don’t want to throw away all those other characters like Tristen, Surge, Mello and Leed. did some working and found a way to get them combined. I don’t know what this other comic would be called, but I’ve started a new process, instead of just drawing everything and kinda going by my pants, I am just doing summaries of each chapter. After looking at anotherland, I see the pacing is kinda crap lol

It might just be what you think it is


I ended up sic today so this ended up being doodled. Basil*ze long haired boy bunny* with his twin Ginger. Despite how my comic starts out, Twins are actually pretty rare. None of the baby bunnies were born at the same time. As a result Basil has a rather strong bond with Ginger and her with him that they don’t really have with anyone else. Basil isn’t as friendly as his sister and doesn’t really care if people see him as a prick.

He wishes they didn’t have to work in two different kingdoms but alas, that was how it ended up. He does not approve of her uniform and wished she dressed in a less form fitting fashion. Ginger on the other hand doesn’t really see the problem with her clothes since she finds it rather easy to move.

Random Fact!

When they were little, Basil would snore rather loudly, when he didn’t (which did happen on occasion) Ginger would cry because she thought he was dead.


I don’t know what it is about these two, I think they are adorable! Its probably because I know how much of a jerk that Basil is when people are around. He just doesn’t like much of anyone.