Dem Tits!!!

Name: Bobbie

Age: 6821 Human Years 33 in her on kind’s years

Species: Alien of Unknown Origin

Family: Son (deceased) Ex-Husband (Deceased?)

Likes: Smithing, Leather, Coconut Rum,

Dislikes: Pushy guys, Crazy ex-husband

Favorite food: Tomato soup, preferably in a to go can.

Least favorite Food: Chili

Occupation: Specialist in weapon care and restoration, Bartender, Occasional Mistress.

Powers: Mastery of Alien Runes, Weapon summons, hearing the “voice” of soul objects.

Bobbie is another one of Michael’s minions. She is one of the more mature of his ladies, though she doesn’t counter herself as apart of his harem. This lovely lady was roped into signing a contract with Michael for the sake of a former lover that she was with at the time. She was also imprisoned by Michael at the time since he really wanted to add her to his “employ”. He likes the curvaceous ladies and Bobbie was a nice sight. She was a bartender when he met her. She was also with Michael’s son, Nicholas at one point. The boy is seriously her type, the boy is almost a girl. Bobbie is straight for the most part but has been assaulted by Angel on several occasions and is never sure how to respond to the girl. Loki is another one that has shown on regular occasion that he has a thing for her.

She’s usually very independent and is good friends with Rokna, since she is one of the few that can help take care of Gunyir, his magic sword. She also takes care of other magic weapons that Michael gets in his business deals or any found. She actually stays in a workshop that Michael supplied for her. There she loves to work on making and restoring weapons. She is also the resident bartender and will usually be found over at the in house lounge if she isn’t working. Michael put a devil mark on her chest to let other demons know who she works for. 

Her relationship to the other minions is a bit strange. Bobbie is not really a fan of Michael but has learned to live with him after a while. She sometimes wonders if she just got Stockholm syndrome at some point since she doesn’t hate him as much as she feels she should. She hasn’t been with everyone as long and is sometimes seen as an outsider. This doesn’t keep anyone from trying to bed her though. Such is the place she lives in. She also has moments where she lets her bdsm side slip. 

Bobbie’s past is a rather mysterious one. She actually is from another planet and she was apart of the clergy as a priestess before her planet was conquered by the crazy nut that would be her “husband” She had one child with him an the whole thing just didn’t end well. She along with her ex-hubby’s enemies over threw the guy and Killed him. But I get the feeling he’s not dead forever and might show up again eventually. I’m not sure what happened to him after the incident. 

Along with the knowledge of the runes of her people, she also has 13 great swords that she can summon. She also uses one as transportation since its broad enough to stand on. XD Michael does want to know about this magic and the Gods that power them but Bobbie has been very tight lipped about it.

And that’s all I can think of for now. Unlike some of the other Characters, I don’t get to work with Bobbie as often so this kind of ended up a mess. I’ll probably work with her more and get more info at a later time XD